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Introduction to China Jiliang University

China Jiliang University (CJLU) is a multidisciplinary university distinctive for its metrology, standards, quality, market regulation, inspection and quarantine. Its predecessor, Hangzhou Metrology School, was established by the State Metrology Bureau in 1978. In 1985, the school was upgraded to China Institute of Metrology with the approval of the Ministry of Education. It was renamed China Jiliang University in 2016. Since 2019, CJLU has been jointly supported by the People’s Government of Zhejiang Province and the State Administration for Market Regulation, and it has been a key university of Zhejiang Province. Since 2021, CJLU has been authorized to confer doctoral degrees with the approval of the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council.

CJLU offers 2 doctoral programs in first-level disciplines, 15 master’s degree programs in first-level disciplines and 11 professional master’s degree programs. There is 1 “Province and City co-constructed” first-class discipline,10 first-class disciplines of Zhejiang Province, and 4 disciplines ranking amongst the top 1% in ESI global rankings. CJLU boasts 18 state-level first-class specialties, 4 state-level characteristic specialties, 1 state-level pilot specialty of comprehensive reform, 24 provincial-level first-class specialties, 7 provincial-level superior specialties and 12 provincial-level characteristic specialties, 5 specialties selected in “Excellent Engineer Education and Training Program” of Ministry of Education; 6 state-level first-class courses, 7 state-level excellent courses, state-level excellent resource-sharing courses or  state-level bilingual teaching demonstration courses, 146 provincial-level first-class courses, and 22 provincial-level excellent courses; 1 state-level experimental teaching demonstration center, 1 state-level experimental teaching center for virtual simulation, 10 provincial-level experimental teaching demonstration centers; 1 state-level talent training model innovation experimental zone, and 1 state-level joint training demonstration base for professional master’s degree of engineering.

CJLU has 19 colleges (departments or centers), currently over 17,000 undergraduates and over 4,600 postgraduates studying full time on campus. CJLU has currently a faculty of about 1,400, among whom 700 teachers have senior professional titles and 77% hold doctoral degrees. CJLU has 2 shared academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, more than 20 state-level talents of the national “Ten Thousand Talents Program” and Yangtze River Scholars, etc., and more than 80 provincial and ministerial-level talents of Special Experts of Zhejiang Province and “Ten Thousand Talents Program” of Zhejiang Province. CJLU boasts 1 National Huang Danian Style University Teaching Team, 1 State-level Teaching Team, 1 Zhejiang Provincial Huang Danian Style University Teaching Team, and 5 Zhejiang Provincial University Teaching Teams. CJLU has won 22 state-level and provincial-level teaching achievement awards, and the only inaugural “ISO Award for Higher Education in Standardization”.

CJLU has nearly 40 scientific research platforms at provincial and ministerial level or above, including the National Center for Quality Inspection, Key Laboratory of the State Administration for Market Regulation, the National Base for International Science and Technology Cooperation, National-Local Joint Engineering Laboratory, Engineering Research Center of Ministry of Education, International Science and Technology Cooperation Base of Zhejiang Province, Key Laboratory of Zhejiang Province, Engineering Laboratory of Zhejiang Province (Engineering Research Center), New (University) Think Tank of Zhejiang Province, 2011 Collaborative Innovation Center of Zhejiang Province, etc. CJLU has established 35 high-level research institutes. As a key participating unit, CJLU has participated in the cultivation and construction of the national major scientific and technological infrastructure of “Ultra-high Sensitivity Measurement Device for Very Weak Magnetic Field and Inertia”. CJLU has won 3 second prizes of the National Science and Technology Awards and over 100 provincial and ministerial-level awards. The National University Sci-tech Park of China Jiliang University was awarded as Academician Workstation of Zhejiang Province in 2022.

CJLU has been selected among the “National Top 50 Universities with Typical Experiences of Innovation and Entrepreneurship”, “Demonstration Entrepreneurship Colleges of Regular Higher Education Institutions of Zhejiang Province”, and “National Intellectual Property Pilot Universities”. In the past five years, the undergraduate employment rate has steadily ranked top 5 among key universities of Zhejiang Province. CJLU has ranked high for years in China and ranked 1st in Zhejiang Province at the National Mathematical Contest in Modeling. CJLU has won the first prize for National Outstanding Achievements Awards in the Construction of University Campus Culture. The original large-scale music and dance epic “Metrology through Thousands of Years” was awarded as a characteristic demonstration program of “Saluting Fine Traditional Chinese Culture” by the Ministry of Education. CJLU is home to many high-level talent training bases such as National Demonstration Base for Cultivating Innovative Talents, National Research Base for Metrology & Rule of Law, ISO International Standardization Training Base (Hangzhou), International Standardization Talents Training Base, etc. CJLU has hosted lots of training sessions for talents in metrology, standards and quality, with a total of over 28,000 trainees.

CJLU cooperates closely with the State Administration for Market Regulation and its directly affiliated units, as well as with the local departments for market regulation. CJLU actively undertakes the secretariat of the Expert Advisory Committee on National Metrology Strategy, and develops strategic cooperation with the National Institute of Metrology, China, Administration for Market Regulation of Zhejiang Province, Department of Commerce of Zhejiang Province, Department of Emergency Management of Zhejiang Province, Administration for Market Regulation of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, etc. CJLU has established 11 local research institutes, 21 technology transfer agencies and 30 industrial technology alliances. As the leading unit, CJLU and 13 universities have jointly launched the “Yangtze River Delta Alliance of High-level Universities with Industrial Characteristics”.

CJLU has established partnerships with more than 50 foreign universities and research institutes. There are 2 Chinese-foreign cooperative programs of undergraduate education on campus. CJLU has established the Confucius Institute at University of Finance and Administration (VSFS) in Prague, Zhejiang-Czech Prague Silk Road Institute, Zhejiang-Czech Center for People-to-People and Cultural Exchanges and Research Institute for Central and Eastern Europe. CJLU has initiated the establishment of the world’s first “Belt and Road” University Alliance for Standardization Education and Academics (B&RUAS), which is comprised of 118 universities from 36 countries. CJLU has also established the “Belt and Road” College.

Facing the second centenary goal, CJLU adheres to the spirit of the important instructions of Comrade Xi Jinping when he inspected the university in 2004. By adhering to the spirit of the motto “Developing national economy by metrology; Improving people’s livelihood through measurement”, CJLU is making unremitting efforts to build itself into a world-renowned high-level university with distinctive characteristics.

Note: Above data is valid as of December 31, 2022, unless otherwise noted.