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Research Institutes of College of Humanities and Foreign Languages

Mar 7, 2023

College of Humanities and Foreign Languages (CHFL) has 5 institutions of research, including the Research Institute of Indigenization of Religion in China, the Research Center of Chinese Culture, the Research Institute of Metrology History and Culture, the Research Institute of Poetry Road Culture, and the Research Institute of Philosophy.

The Research Institute of Indigenization of Religion in China, established in 2022, contributes to construction of Zhejiang provice as a model for indigenization of religion in China and modernized management of religious affairs. Researchers in the research institute have published over 10 books and nearly 50 high-quality papers in key domestic journals, and have been granted nearly 100 research projects at various levels.

The Research Center of Chinese Culture, founded in 2008 and operating in a trinity mode integrating scientific research, teaching, and social service, is aimed to serve cultural construction in Zhejiang, spread Chinese culture, and promote construction of campus culture. Subordinated to the research center are various forums, salons, associations, publications, etc., such as Wenjin Forum, which has invited famous scholars like Wu Guang and Chen Lai to give lectures; Xueyuan Forum, Gezhi Salon and Reading Club on Classics, which are platforms for interactions among teachers and students; Zero Point Investigation Association, which won the honor of being among the national top 10; the journal Waves of the Qiantang River, of which nearly 100 issues have been published; and Chinese Cultural Festival, a campus cultural brand, which won the prize offered by the Ministry of Education for its featuring traditional Chinese culture.

The Research Institute of Metrology History and Culture, founded in 2010, has over 80 teachers as its members. It is mainly committed to delving into the history of metrology and broadening research on the culture of metrology in an inter-disciplinary way. It also provides support for construction of campus culture and culture of the metrological industry.

The Research Institute of Poetry Road Culture was founded in December, 2020 on the basis of a research team of CJLU on the Poetry Road Culture. The researchers have hosted 26 projects funded at national, ministerial or provincial level, published over 20 academic papers, and authored or edited 17 books. The research institute is committed to bringing into full play its role as a member of the provincial think-tank alliance on the poetry road, and contributing to the construction of poetry road culture in Zhejiang Province in the three aspects of cultural research, talent cultivation, and local cooperation of cultural activities.

The Research Institute of Philosophy, founded in 2006, began to recruit postgraduates of Chinese philosophy in 2007, and was authorized to confer master’s degree of the first-level discipline. There are 5 professors, 7 associate professors, and 13 teachers with a doctoral degree in this research institute. This research institute takes Chinese and western philosophy, philosophy of religion, and philosophy of science and technology as its main research orientations, and it excels in depth-research on philosophy of Buddhism, philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties, and philosophy of metrology. The teachers in this institute have been granted many projects funded at various levels, and have so far published over 100 papers and more than 10 books. This research institute has chaired many international or domestic symposiums, and invited both foreign and domestic scholars to give more than 40 lectures.