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Living facilities at China Jiliang University

Mar 13, 2023

It is very convenient to live at CJLU. There are several malls near our university. The mall called Paradise Walk, which is one of the most popular malls in China, is only 12 min by driving from CJLU. If you don’t feel very well and want to see a doctor, there are two large public hospitals around, one is 8 min by driving from CJLU and the other is 15 min by driving. Also, it only takes around 30 min by driving from the railway train station or the international airport to our university.

CJLU also provides international students with the on-campus accommodation. Each room is equipped with a bathroom with hot water. There is a laundry room in the apartment building, and a public kitchen on each floor for international students. Almost all of the rooms are three-shared rooms.

If you don’t want to leave the campus, the facilities inside the campus can meet your daily requirements. The university is well equipped with on-campus health services, dining halls, sports facilities, libraries, a theater, a student activity center and the internet.

There are 5 canteens totally on the campus. The university canteens also provide students with halal food. These are some pictures of our canteen and some food. You also can find cafes, supermarkets and the university hospital on campus.

When you want to do some sports, you can find different sports facilities on campus. In the pictures, students were playing the basketball, football, ping pong, and tennis. You can also play volleyball and badminton as you like.

There is a library where you can find most books you want. The majority of the books are in Chinese, so it is important for you to learn Chinese well. This is our library and this is the computer room which is available to students.

When you feel tired and just want to relax yourself, walking around the campus will also be a good option. There is a big lake, pavilion and lawn on campus, and the lovely gooses, cats as well as fish and birds are also the residents at our university.