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Job Vacancies

Aug 4, 2023

Vacancies: 2

For those who are interersted, please apply by sending an e-mail to intoff@cjlu.edu.cn

before December 31.

The specifil requirements and benefits are as follows:


IELTS reading & writing, Spoken English, Business English, Culture, etc.


1. Native English speaker from U.S.A. Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, etc.

2. A master or higher degree is preferable, with some related certificate.

3. A bachelor degree with no less than two years related work experience and TEFL, TESOL, etc.


1. With a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, the monthly basic salary is 8,000--10,000 RMB or to be negotiated.

2. With a Ph.D. Degree and/or an associate professor title or above, the monthly salary needs to be negotiated.


1). 10000 RMB as international airfare reimbursement yearly;

2). 3000 RMB as rental allowance monthly;

3). 2200 RMB as travel allowance yearly;

4). 450 RMB as meal allowance monthly;

5). Reimbursement of visa, health examination and the insurance.

Character Requirements

* Patient and professional

* Enjoy working with young students

* Open and eager to learn and accept new things

* Confident in adjusting to multi-culture

* Dedicated and hard working

* Honest

* No criminal record


Please send the e-mail to intoff@cjlu.edu.cn

* A copy of highest degree

* A copy of the ID page of valid passport

* A copy of the TEFL or TESOL certificate (with 120hrs)

* A copy of no criminal record

* Recommendation letters from your previous employers