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Featured Majors of College of Economics and Management

May 17, 2023

I. Information Management and Information System

Major Overview: The major of Information Management and Information System is an applied interdisciplinary discipline that integrates computer science, information technology and management science. The main directions of this major are: (1) Business (financial) data analysis and modelling: in the era of big data, students are taught to apply knowledge of statistics, computer technology, data mining and other techniques and knowledge of specific business areas to carry out business (financial) data analysis, discovering the valuable business rules with the analysis of data; (2) Information system analysis and design: in the era of mobile Internet , students are supposed to learn the basic theories and techniques in needs analysis, design, testing and project management in information system (App). There are 17 teachers, 1 professor and 11 associate professors, including 13 teachers with doctoral degrees, 1 foreign teacher and 6 people with overseas study experience in famous universities.

Cultivation ObjectivesCompound talents with three abilities are cultivated: the ability of business (financial) data analysis; the ability of designing and developing information systems (mobile APP); and the ability of enterprise management, business model innovation and entrepreneurship by comprehensively applying the techniques learned.

Main CoursesIntroduction to Data Science, Big Data Business Analysis, Database Principles and Applications, Machine Learning, Management Information System, Java Programming, Internet Programming, Interaction Design, Software Testing, Enterprise Resource Planning, E-Commerce, Applied Statistics, Principles of Management, Financial Management, Accounting, Corporate Finance, Banking Business and Operation, etc.

Employment and further studiesTypical employment positions: data analyst, system analyst, software development engineer, software testing engineer, ERP implementation consultant and interaction designer, etc.

Employment destinations: Internet companies, agencies, enterprises and financial institutions, etc.

Further study: management science and engineering (information systems, business intelligence and data science), computer science, software engineering, financial engineering and industrial economics, etc. In the past five years, the employment rate of graduates has been above 96%.

II. International Economics and Trade

Major Overview: The major of International Economics and Trade belongs to the discipline of Applied Economics. Students are awarded a Bachelor's degree in Economics after completing the required credits. It is the only undergraduate major with  "International" in the name in the catalogue of undergraduate majors in economics of the Ministry of Education so far.

ProspectsChina has become the world's second largest economy, with the total amount of import and export of goods trade being the first in the world, and the degree of international economic cooperation is deepening. It is predicted that in the next five years, China will need at least 2 million more talents in foreign trade, and the demand gap for high-level talents in the field of digital service trade, international investment and multinational business will exceed 200,000.

Research Achievements : The faculty members of this major are committed to conducting scientific research on "technical barriers to trade" and "international intellectual property rules". In recent years, more than 10 national projects, including the National Social Science Fund and National Natural Science Fund, and more than 20 provincial and ministerial level projects have been approved. The faculty members of this major have won two second-class prizes in humanities and social sciences from the Ministry of Education, one An Zijie international trade research award, one business development research award of the Ministry of Commerce, and three science and technology awards of Zhejiang Province.

Cultivation Features: The major integrates the general standards of international economics and trade with CJLU‘s education philosophy of “Metrology as University’s Cornerstone, Standards as its Code of Conduct, and Quality as its Career Goal”. The major focuses on the cultivation of the ability of quantitative analysis, standardization and quality management, the ability to apply international intellectual property rules and the ability to deal with technical trade barriers. 

Cultivation Goals: The major is dedicated to cultivating talents who have the ability of economics, foreign trade operation and measurement analysis, and who can engage in economic and trade business, management and research work in foreign-related enterprises, institutions and government.

Main Courses: Microeconomics, macroeconomics, principles of management, principles of accounting, applied statistics, econometrics, political economy, monetary banking, international finance, international trade theory and policy, international trade practice, finance, technical barriers to trade, quality management and certification, foreign trade transportation and insurance, international trade correspondence, international settlement, etc.

Employment and Further Studies:Since its establishment in 2002, the employment rate of students has been among the highest in Zhejiang provincial undergraduate higher education institutions. The main career destinations of graduates include employment, further study and self-employment. At present, many students have been admitted to graduate schools such as Tsinghua University, Fudan University, Zhejiang University, University of International Business and Economics, etc.