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Featured Majors of College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

Apr 4, 2023

I. Automation

Automation is one of the first batch of majors with national characteristics in China Jiliang University, formerly known as thermal metrology and measurement major (established in 1984) and measurement technology and instruments major (established in 1986). In 1996, these two majors were merged into thermal detection and automatic control major. In 1999, this major was renamed as automation, and it is one of the first batch of bachelor's degree granting majors in China Jiliang University. In 2009, automation became the major with national characteristics and was selected as the national innovation talent training experimentation area. In 2011, the major was approved to be included in the "excellent engineer training program”. In 2012, automation was approved to be excellent major of “12th Five-Year program" in Zhejiang Province. In 2013, automation was granted the pilot major of comprehensive reform in “12th Five-Year program" by Ministry of Education, and the training base of Industry Automation Accreditation Training (IAAT) was built cooperating with enterprises . In 2017, automation was approved to be excellent major of “13th Five-Year program" in Zhejiang Province. In August 2017, automation won the second prize of "Higher Education Achievement  Award of Chinese Association of Automation”. In 2018, automation passed the professional certification of engineering education. In 2019, automation became the National first-class undergraduate major. In 2021, automation won the first prize of teaching achievements award in Zhejiang Province. Adhering to CJLU's distinctive features of "metrology, quality, standard",  the professional education includes three curriculum groups of measurement detection, automatic control and artificial intelligence, and highlights the characteristics of "integration of measurement and control and integration of control and detection".

II. Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation

The major of Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation was founded in 1998, and developed from the major of mechanical product quality inspection and mechanical & electrical product quality inspection. At present, the major has two professional directions including Digital Design, and Intelligent Manufacturing & Cloud manufacturing. The major is an interdisciplinary subject based on intelligent equipment design and manufacturing, integrating automatic control technology, information technology, detection technology, artificial intelligence, computer science and technology, and internet of things technology, etc. It focuses on the integration of advanced design and manufacturing technology and digital science, and the development of intelligent manufacturing, intelligent control and intelligent detection technology. The major passed the engineering certification of the Ministry of Education in 2021. In 2019, it was approved as a national first-class undergraduate major construction site. In 2013, it was included in the education and training program for outstanding engineers of the Ministry of Education. In 2014 and 2017, it was approved as a characteristic major of Zhejiang Province in the "12th Five Year Plan" and "13th Five Year Plan" respectively. It has the right to confer master's degree in mechanical engineering as a first-class discipline. Adhering to CJLU's distinctive features of "metrology, quality, standard", facing the “Made in China 2025 Plan” and the national "quality power" strategy, the major has formed a professional talent training mode focusing on "intelligent equipment manufacturing", and integrating standards and inspection ("manufacturing, standards and inspection") in response to the new requirements for product testing, quality and standardization with upgrading of high-end manufacturing products. The major of Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation aims to cultivate senior engineering and technical talents as well as management talents in the field of intelligent manufacturing with quality awareness and having good knowledge of standards,  detection and manufacturing so as to serve the national and regional economy. The graduates are able to engage in research and development, design and manufacturing, automatic control, production management, information processing, quality management and intelligent detection of intelligent equipment in high-tech enterprises, IT industry, scientific research institutes, universities, quality inspection systems, etc.

III. Electrical Engineering and Automation

Electrical Engineering and Automation is a national first-class undergraduate major. This major organizes teaching around the central task of the acquisition, transmission, conversion, application and measurement of electric energy in industrial production. Based on CJLU's distinctive features of metrology, standards, quality, inspection and quarantine, the major trains electrical engineering technicians with characteristics of strong measuring and testing knowledge. The graduates have good knowledge in the fields of electrical engineering, control science and engineering, instrument science and technology and other broad fields of engineering technology. They are engaged in product and engineering design, engineering implementation, system analysis, science and technology management in the fields of power system, power electronics and power drive, power transformation of new energy, detection technology and automatic instrument, electronic technology, automatic control and other relevant fields. According to the survey results of university graduates in Zhejiang province in recent years, the salary level and graduation rate of the graduates of this major all exceed the average level of the same major in universities of Zhejiang province (one of the most economically developed provinces in China). The graduates have achieved outstanding performance in the field of electrical engineering. Three alumni have won the National Science and Technology Progress Award, including 1 first prize and 3 second prize.

IV. Mechatronic Engineering

In 2020, the major of Mechatronics Engineering was approved as first-class undergraduate major in Zhejiang province. Since 2013, the major has enrolled full-time international students, and since 2019, it has recruited exchange international students  of Bangladesh's "2+2" double degree program. The major trains senior technical management talents who can engage in research, technology development, design, manufacturing and production management of electromechanical products and systems in mechanics, electronics, control and other fields. Based on CJLU's advantages in the fields of quality, metrology and standards, the major meets the needs of social and industrial development of "Made in China 2025" and "Intelligent Manufacturing", and integrates technologies such as machinery, electronics, control, computer, intelligent control, artificial intelligence, etc., forming a wide range of major features of "Mechanics, Electronics, and Intelligence". The major focuses on cultivating students' innovation ability, social adaptability and interpersonal skills, and graduates are welcomed by employers. The major is divided into two directions: "robot" and "intelligent perception". The former involves machine vision technology, underwater robots, unmanned aerial vehicles, wall climbing robots, patrol robots, intelligent navigation technology, electromechanical system measurement drive and control, and the latter involves detection and test equipment, image detection technology, fault diagnosis technology, circuit patrol technology, digital twins, unmanned driving and other technologies.