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Huzhou Metrology and Testing Institute of China Jiliang University

Apr 10, 2023

Huzhou Metrology and Testing Institute of China Jiliang University was jointly established by China Jiliang University and Southern Taihu New District of Huzhou City on May 11, 2020. The goal is to incubate a number of science and technology projects, incubate and serve a number of science and technology enterprises, introduce and cultivate a number of high-end talents, and form a "science and technology innovation incubation system platform with deep integration of industry, university and research in the field of metrology and testing" facing the strategic industries and future industrial directions of Huzhou city and Zhejiang province. The institute focuses on three research directions: measurement and testing of new energy vehicle parts, measurement and testing of batteries, and electronic information technology. At present, it has established measurement and testing technology research center of new energy vehicle parts, intelligent manufacturing technology research and development center, electronic information technology research center and video & vision technology and equipment research institute. Since its establishment three years ago, the institute has gathered high-quality resources from China Jiliang University and abroad, arranged a number of major projects, incubated five science and technology enterprises, and provided strong support for the development of Huzhou industry, which has made remarkable achievements.