Education Plan of Communication Engineering for 2022 International Undergraduates

Mar 13, 2023

I. Education objectives

The education object of this discipline are foreigners or overseas Chinese whose mother languages are not Chinese and who have senior high school degree or above. The education objective is to cultivate internationalized professional communication talents who understand basic Chinese humanistic knowledge, national conditions and social culture, meet standards and requirements in international communication field, adapt to the needs of international communication industry, have solid basic communication knowledge and certain practical ability, be able to engage in design, development, debugging and maintenance of communication system and network, communication technology and equipment, information and electronic system in electronic information and communication engineering field, and have good communication skills and spirit of innovation.

II. Education standard

(1) Basic quality requirements

1. Study hard with rigorous attitude of scholarship. Have good thought morality, social morality and professional ethics.

2. Have certain humanistic accomplishment, strong modern consciousness and high professional quality, and master basic skills and way of thinking necessary for this discipline.

(II) Knowledge structure requirements

1. Have solid natural science knowledge and rich humanities and social sciences knowledge.

2. Master basic knowledge in Chinese and computer application.

3. Master basic knowledge and professional knowledge in information and communication engineering discipline.

4. Understand basic development trend in information and communication engineering discipline.

5. Understand basic principles, policies, laws and legislation in communication system and communication network construction.

(III) Ability structure requirements

1. Have good self-study habit and ability, good expression and communication ability and certain computer & communication technology application ability.

2. Have the ability of comprehensively applying theoretical knowledge and skills mastered to engage in design, development and maintenance of communication system and electronic information system.

3. Have strong innovation and creative thinking skills, certain scientific research capability and practical ability.

4. Master basic method for literature retrieval and data inquiry.

III. Core discipline

Information and Communication Engineering.

IV. Main courses

Chinese, Survey of China, Fundamentals of Circuit Analysis B, Experiment in Electronic Technology, Analog Electronic Circuits B, Digital Logic Circuit, Contemporary Logic Design, Signals and Systems B, Principles of Communication B, Data and Computer Communications, etc.

V. Length of schooling, minimum credits for graduation, degree awarded

Length of schooling: the basic length of schooling is four years, students can finish course of study within three to six years, the specific task is implemented according to relevant regulations by the school.

Minimum credits for graduation: 134 credit points

Degree awarded: Bachelor of Engineering.