Education Plan of Automation On International Undergraduates

Mar 13, 2023

1. Education objectives

This education aims at development of high-quality engineering technical talents that have relatively deep understanding of contemporary Chinese politics, economy, culture and society, as well as the professional knowledge of automation development, application research and management of automatic system or product, and engagement in and promoting the friendly and cooperative relationship between China and the country where the talents settle.

2. Education specification

(1) Basic requirements of quality

1. Establish universal values, social ethics and professional ethics.

2. Possess relatively good humanistic aptitude, strong modernism awareness and professional quality, as well as master the basic skills and ideology necessary for this major.

3. Master the scientific basic skills for body building, and have a good physical condition and psychological quality.

(2) Requirements of knowledge structure

1. Possess certain knowledge of natural science and relatively good Chinese communication ability.

2. Master basic application knowledge of Chinese and computer.

3. Master basic and professional knowledge of business administration, and of frontier theory and development trend related to this major.

(3) Requirements of ability structure

1. Possess good self-learning habit and ability, relatively good communicative ability and a certain application ability of computer and information technology.

2. Possess ability to comprehensively utilize the mastered theoretical knowledge and skills, as well as the basic ability of working in research, production and development of automatic system or product.

3. Possess relatively strong pioneering and innovating spirit, creative ideological ability, and a certain ability of research and practical work.

4. Master basic methods of literature search and data query.

5. Possess high-quality talents that possess certain proficiency in Chinese communication and application, as well as engaging in and promoting the friendly and cooperative relation between China and the country where the talents settle.

3. Major disciplines

Control science and technology, Electronic technology and control technology, Instrument science and technology.

4. Major courses

The basis of circuit analysis, Electronic technology, Principle of Microcomputer and its Application, Detection Technology, Automatic control theory, Modern Control Theory , Electric Machinery and Drive, Process Control, Motion Control System,etc.  

electric drive control, electromechanical system modeling and simulation, the design of mechatronic systems, etc.

5. Educational system, minimum graduation credit and awarded degree

Educational system: 4 years of basic educational system and the student finishing school in 3-6 years. The actual matters shall be implemented according to relevant regulations in school.

Minimum graduation credit:121 credits.

Awarded degree:     B.Eng.