Education Plan of Art,Design and Media on 2020 International Undergraduates

Mar 13, 2023

I. Education objectives

The education object of this discipline are foreigners or overseas Chinese whose mother languages are not Chinese and who have senior high school degree or above. The education objective is to cultivate international applied talents who are adapt to the needs of modern international community, with comprehensive qualities, familiar with basic knowledge of Chinese culture, national conditions and social culture, and have certain art and design foundation on modern design methods and procedures, as well as being capable of professional practices with innovative consciousness. After graduation, students will be able to engage in design, planning, operation, management and other professional work in industry and product design, environment and space design, media and communication design and other fields.

II. Education standard

(I) Basic quality requirements

1. Study hard with rigorous attitude of scholarship. Have good thought morality, social morality and professional ethnics.

2. Have good humanistic accomplishment, strong modern consciousness and high professional quality, and master basic skills and way of thinking necessary for ArtDesign and Media discipline.

3. Master basic skills for physical exercise in a scientific way and have good physical and sound psychological quality.

(II) Knowledge structure requirements

1. Have solid natural science knowledge and good humanities and social sciences knowledge.

2. Master basic communication skills in Chinese language.

3. Master basic knowledge and professional knowledge in art and design discipline.

4. Understand the cutting-edge theory and development trend of design discipline and product design (or spatial design, visual communication design, etc.).

5. Understand materials, processes and industry specifications related to certain design practice.

(III) Ability structure requirements

1. Having good self-study habits and ability, good expression and communication skills in oral, written and graphic.

2. Mastering the methods and procedures of Design Thinking, and being able to use theories and skills in design, planning, operation, management and other professional practice comprehensively.

3. Having strong innovation spirit and creative thinking skills, and certain scientific research capability and practical ability.

4. Mastering basic methods for literature retrieval and data inquiry.

5. Having a good teamwork spirit.

III. Core discipline

Design and Art

IV. Main courses

ChineseSurvey of China Basis of DesignComprehensive FormationIntroduction to DesignDesign ThinkingArt Decoration DesignComputer Aided DesignMaterials and CraftsDesign Studio 1Design Studio 2Design Studio 3Thematic Studio 1Thematic Studio 2etc.

V. Length of schooling, minimum credits for graduation, degree awarded

Length of schooling: the basic length of schooling is four years. Students can finish course of study within three to six years, and follow the relevant regulations implemented by the University.

Minimum credits for graduation: 125 credits

Degree: Bachelor of Arts