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Fee Details & Application Access

Dec 25, 2019

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Fees information for September Intake in 2017

Here is all the fees information of your application for your study at China Jiliang University.

1. Fees that should be paid during your application for China Jiliang University

Each student whose application is accepted is required to pay 300 RMB as the application fee.  The application fee is not refundable and the international postal fee is not included in the application fee. Please pay the application fee after your confirmation with the international students admission office that your application is accepted.

After all the admission documents are ready, please pay 1,000 RMB as the deposit. The 1, 000 RMB deposit is refundable when the student registers at our university successfully. The 1, 000 RMB deposit is also refundable when the students fail to get the visa and show us the relevant official documents from the embassy.

2. Tuition fee and dormitory fee during your study at China Jiliang University

The tuition fee for different majors/courses varies. Below are details:

Below are details of student dormitory fee:

3. Other fees during your study at CJLU

In addition to the fees mentioned above, students are also required to prepare the following fees during their study at CJLU.

Additionally, you also need to prepare money for the food and daily expense in China.

4. CJLU official bank account.

China Jiliang University has never authorized any third party to charge any fee on behalf of China Jiliang University.

Here is CJLU official bank account:

Bank name: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Zhejiang Branch Hangzhou Gaoxin Sub-branch  (开户银行:中国工商银行浙江杭州高新支行)

Bank address: 391# Wen'er road, Hangzhou Zhejiang China  (开户行地址:中国浙江杭州文二路391号)

Beneficiary: China Jiliang University  (户名:中国计量大学)

Bank account No.: 1202026209008932114  (账号:1202026209008932114)

5.Contact Information

 Person to contact: WANG Shisi

Telephone: +86(571)87676356