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College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

Feb 22, 2023

College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering is one of the oldest and largest colleges in China Jiliang University. It is a college that adapts to the development trend of knowledge economy, information age and modern manufacturing industry, meets the needs of national and local economy construction and social development, and cultivates talents possessing innovative spirit and practical ability in research, design and development of modern manufacturing, as well as system control, quality supervision, management and operation. It is a modern teaching and scientific research oriented engineering college .

The college now has 146 faculty members, including 97 staffs with doctor's degrees, 25 teachers with senior professional titles and 44 teachers with deputy senior professional titles. It has 1 winner of the National May Day Labor Medal, 1 nationally leading talent with "Ten Thousand Talents Program", 1 foreign academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, 1 nationally model teacher, 1 nationally outstanding teacher, 1 meritorious teacher in Zhejiang Province, 1 young scientific and technological researcher with outstanding contributions in Zhejiang Province, 3 high-level talents from the Zhejiang Provincial University Leading Training Program, and 1 scientific and technological innovative talent from the Zhejiang Ten Thousand Talents Program, There are 3 winners of Zhejiang Outstanding Youth Fund, 2 famous teachers in Zhejiang Province, 1 outstanding teacher in Zhejiang Province, 5 young discipline leaders in Zhejiang Province, and 1 person at the first level, 3 at the second level, and 8 at the third level of 151 talents in Zhejiang Province.

The college has four undergraduate majors: electrical engineering and automation, automation, mechanical design and manufacturing and automation, mechanical and electronic engineering. The automation major has been selected as the national first-class undergraduate major construction site, which is a national characteristic major, an outstanding engineer program major of the Ministry of Education, a national comprehensive reform pilot major, and an advantageous major in Zhejiang Province; The major of mechanical design and manufacturing and automation has been selected as the national first-class undergraduate major construction site, which is the outstanding engineer program major of the Ministry of Education and the characteristic specialty of Zhejiang Province; The major of electrical engineering and automation has been selected as the national first-class undergraduate specialty construction site; The major of mechanical and electronic engineering has been selected as the first-class undergraduate specialty construction site in Zhejiang Province. At present, there are nearly 1,500 undergraduate students in the college. The college has a nationally innovation experiment site for talent training, "a compound innovative talent training experimental site for electromechanical majors with characteristics of metrology, quality and standardization ", a national excellent course "Sensor Technology" (co-built), a national teaching team "Sensor Technology Course Teaching Team" (co built), and a Zhejiang provincial teaching team "Circuit and Electronic Technology" Series Course Teaching Team". Teachers in the college have won 3 second prizes of the National Teaching Achievement Award, 1 special prize, 7 first prizes and 5 second prizes of Teaching Achievement Award in Zhejiang Province. There are more than 10 first-class undergraduate courses above the provincial level in the college.

In the past five years, the faculty of the college have presided 103 national, provincial and ministerial projects, including 44 national major instrument projects, national key research and development projects, projects funded by the state, Zhejiang provincial elite programs, Zhejiang provincial key research and development programs, and 543 research projects entrusted by enterprises. The total funding for scientific research exceeds 160 million yuan, and the funding per tutor is 400,000 yuan per year. The achievements won 1 first prize of Zhejiang Science and Technology Award, 13 second and third prizes of other provincial and ministerial level awards. 561 scientific research papers have been published, including 397 indexed by SCI, EI, and ISTP and 67 on top journals. 5 US invention patents and 445 national invention patents have been authorized; Teachers in the college have participated in the development of 5 national standards, 3 group standards and 2 national verification and calibration regulations. The college has hosted 19 international conferences and participated in 245 important academic conferences at home and abroad.

The college has three first level disciplines authorized for master's degree, namely, "Control Science and Engineering" (a first-class discipline in Zhejiang Province), "Mechanical Engineering",  "Instrument Science and Technology", and two disciplines authorized for professional master's degree in engineering , namely, "Electronic Information (Control Engineering)", and "Mechanics (Mechanical Engineering)". The college enrolls more than 250 master students every year, with currently more than 600 master students at campus. At the same time, the college also jointly cultivates doctoral students with Zhejiang University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai University, East China Normal University and Xi'an University of Technology.

The college has several scientific research platforms such as a national-local joint engineering laboratory of "disaster monitoring technology and instrument", a research center for inspection and testing of educational equipment of the Ministry of Education, a 2011 collaborative innovation center of "quality testing technology and instrument" in Zhejiang Province, a key laboratory for research on calibration technology of online testing equipment in Zhejiang Province, a key Laboratory of Intelligent Manufacturing Quality Big Data Tracing and Analysis of Zhejiang Province, a Key Laboratory of Modern Measurement and Testing Technology and Instrument in Zhejiang (sharing) and a  Measurement Technology Innovation Service Platform for Special Equipment, Energy and Environmental Protectionin Zhejiang Province (sharing), as well as three laboratories jointly built with international famous enterprises.

In the past five years, students in our college have won 3 national top prizes, 32 national first prizes, 42 national second prizes, 20 national third prizes, 7 provincial top prizes, 67 provincial first prizes, 106 provincial second prizes, 119 provincial third prizes in various extracurricular science and technology competitions. They have applied 37 new talent projects, 26 national innovation and entrepreneurship training programs, 81 patents, and have published 37 papers.