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College of Metrology and Measurement Engineering

Mar 7, 2023

The College of Metrology and Measurement Engineering was founded in 2007, which was a department back to 1984, and now is the most representative college of  China Jiliang University. Focusing on the strategic needs of national and regional development, this college adheres to developing with characteristics, strengthening with talents, and revitalizing with openness, and builds a five-in-one coordinated development pattern with discipline construction as the leader, team construction as the core, and personnel training, scientific research and social service as the purposes.

The discipline of "Instrument Science and Technology" is a Zhejiang provincial key discipline with special advantages and characteristics, and the first class discipline of Zhejiang province, which ranks first in Zhejiang Province in the fourth round of discipline evaluation by the Ministry of Education. Engineering ranks among the top 1% in ESI global ranking. Besides, the College of Metrology and Measurement Engineering is a member of the Instrument Majors Teaching Instruction Committee of Higher Education of the Ministry of Education, which has formed a teaching team with rich experience in personnel training, scientific research and social services. There are a faculty of 136, including 111 full-time teachers and 27 senior teachers, 2 national talents and 25 provincial and ministerial talents of all kinds.

We have the right to confer doctoral and master degrees in the first-level discipline of Instrument Science and Technology, and the right to confer master degrees in Electronic Information and Energy and Power. There are three undergraduate majors, including Measurement and Control Technology and Instruments, Intelligent Sensing Engineering, and Energy and Power Engineering. The Measurement and Control Technology and Instruments is a national first-class undergraduate major, a national characteristic major, and an superior major of Zhejiang province; Energy and Power Engineering is a national first-class undergraduate major, and the model major in the first batch of the 13th Five-Year educational reform project of Zhejiang province. Intelligent Sensing Engineering is a new major established in 2020. At present, there are 1,928 students, including 656 graduate students in this college, which has the largest number of postgraduate students in CJLU. In the past five years, the students have achieved excellent results in national and provincial discipline competitions. They have participated in A-class competitions and won 623 provincial-and-ministerial awards, including more than 50 international and national awards. Now, the rate of undergraduate students who proceed to the graduate degree is 53%, and the rate of studens of  Measurement and Control Technology and Instruments is 62%.

We have 6 provincial and ministerial scientific platforms, including the key laboratory, the engineering laboratory, and the engineering research center of Zhejiang province. And we have 5 provincial and ministerial teaching platforms, including the national experimental teaching demonstration center, the national virtual simulation experiment teaching center, and national demonstration joint training base for postgraduate students in engineering. In the past five years, we have presided over 695 scientific research projects, 63 of which are at national level, with a total scientific research fund of more than 160 million yuan. Besides, we have won 24 scientific research awards, including 7 provincial and ministerial awards.