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Featured Majors of College of Materials and Chemistry

Mar 15, 2023

I. Materials Science and Engineering

The major of Materials Science and Engineering is the national first-class major, the engineering education certification major, the advantageous major of Zhejiang province, and the key major of Zhejiang province. Students are cultivated to be professionals on product design, performance testing, process formulation and quality management of new materials in the fields of metal materials and surface engineering, magnetic materials, photoelectric materials, etc. The industry-university-research integrated teaching and  putting scientific research innovation activities into practice are implemented. Innovation consciousness, practical ability and lifelong learning and other qualities are emphasized.

II. Applied Chemistry

The major of Applied Chemistry is based on the national standardization strategy, demand of high quality development of the industry, and the development concept of "ecological garden" in Zhejiang province, and relies on the Zhejiang provincial key discipline of material physics and chemistry in CJLU. This major takes stoichiometric testing as its characteristic direction, and combines advanced theories of chemistry, stoichiometry and chemical engineering to cultivate students. As a combination of science and engineering, this major aims to cultivate students' ability to effectively monitor, analyze, evaluate and solve complex stoichiometry and engineering problems in actual scenes with the theoretical knowledge and practical ability.The graduates have strong professional ability in scientific research, standards development, materials preparation, technological process design, analysis, testing, project management in the field of  chemical metrologyand testing. They have great competiveness for instrument analysis, new materials, fine chemicals, food security, water pollution management, drug research and development, and have enough academic ability to pursue postgraduate study.