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Featured Majors of College of Information Engineering

Mar 29, 2023

I. Electronic Information Engineering

Electronic Information Engineering is one of the earliest majors established by China Jiliang University. It confers the Bachelor's degree of engineering with a four-year length of study. Electronic Information Engineering is a key undergraduate major, an emerging characteristic and a featured major in Zhejiang Province. The major has rich teaching resources such as the National Quality Engineering Bilingual Demonstration Course, the "2013 Brand English Course for Overseas Students in China" of the Ministry of Education and the Zhejiang Provincial Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center. In 2014, the major passed the national Engineering Education professional certification (the first telecommunications major in Zhejiang Province to pass the professional certification). The major construction achievements won the second prize of Zhejiang Teaching Achievement Award in 2014 and 2016. Information and Communication Engineering, the supporting discipline of this major, is a first-class discipline in Zhejiang Province and a discipline established by the university according to standard of the doctoral degree.

【The cultivate goal】The characteristics of this major are: "Wide Coverage, Involve Measurement, Value Practice".

1.  Wide Coverage: The course system is constructed on the platform in the field of electronic information engineering, covering the fields of signal acquisition, processing and application, communication and systems and networks, electronic measurement, microwave and electromagnetic technology theory and application, Internet of Things technology, digital multimedia technology, etc.  It not only pays attention to the connection between electronic devices and systems, communication and network, but also the combination of low frequency and high frequency, which is conducive to training of compound technical  talents.

2. Involve Measurement: The major is designed to give full play to the advantages of CJLU in measurement and the special role of electronic information in the field of measurement, so that students can master the basic concepts, main methods and key technologies of low frequency to high frequency, electronic devices, and network system measurement.

3. Value Practice: The major attaches importance to practice teaching, and constantly increase the proportion of practice teaching.

The graduates are able to adapt with wider range of jobs, such as in software and information service, communication and network, digital audio and video industry, computer industry and the application of electronic information and the electronics industry. The graduates are engaged in engineering design, in the field of electronic information technology development, production organization and management of work. Some graduates study for master's degrees in universities at abroad. As to employment, most of them are engaged in electronic information technology-related new product design and development, management, product technical services, sales and other work.

II. Computer Science and Technology

The major of Computer Science and Technology was set in 1997. The major was also related to the Chinese-foreign collaborative program---Computer Science and Technology. The major of Computer Science and Technology was awarded the first key major of the university in 2006 and the Zhejiang provincial key major in 2007. The Chinese-foreign collaborative program of Computer Science and Technology started to enroll students in 2011, and was awarded as Zhejiang Province Demonstration Chinese-Foreign Collaborative Program  in 2016.The discipline of Computer Science and Technology is the supporting discipline of the major, and it was awarded as the key discipline of Zhejiang Province in 2011. It is authorized to confer master's degree.

【The cultivate goal】 This major of Computer Science and Technology aims to cultivate students with innovative spirit and practical ability to meet the needs of socialist modernization construction, all-round development of moral, intellectual and physical beauty, and systematically master the basic theories and basic knowledge of computer science and technology, and master the basic skills and methods necessary to solve practical problems by using computers. Graduates are expected to be senior professionals who can be engaged in the design, development, application and management of embedded systems, network engineering, software engineering and software testing.

III. Artificial Intelligence

The major of Artificial Intelligence is a newly established major approved by the Ministry of Education in China. Artificial Intelligence began to recruit students in 2021. The supporting disciplines include Information and Communication Engineering (the first-class discipline of Zhejiang Province), and Computer science and Technology (Zhejiang provincial first-class discipline). This major has an excellent teaching team, most of whom have doctoral degrees from well-known universities at home and abroad. Artificial Intelligence is the high ground of scientific and technological competition among countries in the world today. Artificial Intelligence in CJLU emphasizes the extensive combination with various industries to provide a strong impetus for industrial development and meet the huge talent demand in the direction of Artificial Intelligence.

The major is equipped with Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Internet of Things Technology Laboratory and other professional laboratories. The College of Information Engineering has set up bases for Intelligent Interconnection Competition, Freescale Intelligent Car and Electronic Design, ACM Programming Competition, etc. In recent years, students have won the first prize in national and provincial competitions for many times. In 2022, this major successfully developed the first open virtual simulation system for planetary rover patrol detection in China.

【The major characteristics】

Artificial Intelligence has formed the following advantages and characteristics in talent cultivating since 2020:

1.  The cultivation program closely follows the development trend of the industry, pays attention to the construction of characteristic courses, and is equipped with the latest experimental equipment related to the major such as the mechanical arm, the mobile robot, the VR glasses, Internet of things development platform, three-dimensional human body acquisition equipment and so on.

2.  The major implements  the talent training mode of "science and technology innovation team" throughout the whole stage of the undergraduate phase, encouraging students' full participation, and aiming at the forefront of scientific and technological development.

3.  Instructors guide students to carry out industry-university-research practice, lead students to visit famous AI enterprises and products, which involves the application of AI in medical treatment, autonomous driving, three-dimensional measurement, consumer electronics and other fields, and create opportunities to have in-depth discussions and exchanges with enterprises.

4.  The program design competition of "Artificial Intelligence Cup" of the College of Information Engineering was successfully held in 2021. All students majoring in Artificial Intelligence participated in the competition. The competition is held once or twice every year.