Education Program for 2021 International Undergraduates of Environmental Engineering

Mar 13, 2023

I. Education objectives

Based on the courses and practical training, the international students of Environmental Engineering are expected to meet the need of modern international society, have good comprehensive quality, to have a deeper understanding of contemporary Chinese politics, economy, culture, and society. For professional skills, they are expected to master the knowledge of prevention and control of environmental pollution and environmental management; the ability of environmental quality monitoring and assessment; the ability of design and operation management of pollution control engineering; the ability of environment management and planning; and the ability of the research and development of new theory, new technology and new equipments; and to cultivate international environmental engineering talents with independent opinions and innovation capability.

II. Education Standards

(I) Basic Quality Requirements

1. Diligent study and rigorous scholarship. Have a good ideological and moral character, social ethics and professional ethics.

2. Have good humanistic culture, strong modern consciousness and high professional quality, master the basic skills and thinking mode necessary for environmental science and technology.

(II) Knowledge Structure Requirements

1. Solid knowledge of natural sciences and good knowledge of humanities and social sciences.

2. Master basic communication skills in the Chinese language.

3. Master basic knowledge and professional knowledge of environmental engineering.

4. Understand the frontier theories and development trends of environmental engineering.

5. Understand laws and legislation relevant to computer system development.

(III) Ability Structure Requirements

1. Have good learning habits and abilities, and have a good command of Chinese expression, communication, and application, as well as strong application ability of modern information technology.

2. Have the ability to comprehensively apply the theoretical knowledge and skills learned, master the basic methods of environmental management and environmental engineering design, and have the ability to solve practical environmental problems.

3. Have strong pioneering and innovative spirit, creative thinking ability, scientific research ability, and practical working ability.

4. Master basic methods for literature retrieval and information inquiry.

5. Good team player.

III. Core Discipline

Environmental Science and Technology

IV. Main courses

Chinese, Survey of China, Computer Fundamentals, Mathematics, Environmental Ecology, Environmental Chemistry, Environmental Standards and Regulations, Environmental Microbiology, Environmental Monitoring, Water Pollution Control Engineering, Air Pollution Control Engineering, Solid Waste Management, Environmental Investigation and Assessment, etc.

V. Length of schooling, minimum credits, and the degree

Length of schooling: the basic length of schooling is FOUR years. Students can finish the courses of study within THREE to SIX years. The specific procedure should be implemented according to the relevant regulations of China Jiliang University.

Minimum credits for graduation: 125 credit points

Degree Awarded: Bachelor of Engineering